What a View


This evening our class took a photo field trip to follow the King’s Parade from the Prague Castle down through the city streets for about 3 miles. However, I will share more on this later. For now, I want to reflect on simply the city of Prague and my experience being here.

 The city has many hills, unlike my native town back in Texas, and the locals are extremely practical. They wear tennis shoes and commute everywhere mostly by walking and public transportation. I am not surprised now why Americans are noted for being so obese. We rely heavily on cars while most Prague citizens integrate their workout routine and commute into a single block of the day.

Overall, I’m glad to say that this trip I will indeed be loosing weight and maintain a healthy balance of mental health from all the calories and stress I walk out. Not that there is much stress to have here when I’m surrounded with such beauty. Just about every corner you turn there is a view worth noting, whether it be a simple handle on a door carefully and meticulously thought out, or the skyline of almost an entire millennium of architecture  Simply a walk to school can eliminate any worries a day may bring.


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