Precipitation & People


Prague: currently in a state of panic. No lies. At the moment the weather is being rather vicious towards the city. The rain has been relentless since yesterday rarely breaking from its constant flow of spouting cloud water. However, the show must go on!


Yesterday was supposed to be spent photographing the Roma gypsies while they danced about Wenceslas Square. But, the weather kept them from attending their own parade. Thus, we were sent to photograph the people around, in, and by the general location.


I made my way from Wenceslas to Old Town square and found some interesting travelers, but on a more entertaining note, there was a band accompanied by a couple dozen young baton twirlers braving the rain as parents shouted at them in Czech to smile. Most looked wet and miserable as they just stood by waiting for the entirety of their group to arrive and join the formation. I found it funny that the gypsies stayed in, but this group of girls still performed. I guess in every culture parents make their kids continue to participate even when conditions are absolutely appalling. Competitive parents, wonder where else that is familiar?  It’s a funny dynamic, kids and their parents.


On a more academic note, I am now moving on to composition within my photos! Currently, I understand rule of thirds. Easy. However, as Professor Dennis tells us to use instead of telephotoing, my “leg lens” (that would be walking yourself up to someone you do not know and photographing them from a mere distance of 2 inches) is not set on auto. They would rather stay a good fifty feet away from subjects. So, I’m working on training them to be an obnoxious tourist and invade people’s bubbles.


Prague is a wonderful place to capture tourists because we make up more than half of the populace of Prague. Already, I have met several new people that are absolutely delightful, and I’m eager to continue expanding my international friend bouquet. Oh, and one minor detail I forgot to mention earlier, Prague is currently on high emergency alert for flooding. Crossing my fingers that I don’t float away, but if I do it’ll be with a Pilsner in one hand and my camera in the other!


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