Flocking To The Flood


Okay, so the extent of the flooding situation has progressed little to the safe side. In fact, it has increased to extreme danger. Class today across the river was cancelled because trams that go near extreme danger zones weren’t running, i.e. no way of getting to class other than walking, and still even then choosing to go near the rising rapids of the rivers is not advisable. Instead, we were advised to explore our side of the river.


Generally, the area we live in isn’t too lively. Mostly it is filled with apartment buildings and a few bars and local restaurants, a grocery store or two, the necessities. About three blocks away however is a park that runs along the river and has several awesome lookout points with views of the city. The


walkway is lined with a typical ancient looking masonry wall, covered in graffiti, a very common attribute to Prague. I haven’t yet decided how I feel about it being so prominent. However, it does add an interesting visual dynamic fusion to the ancient architecture.


Back to the flooding situation. As mentioned before, absolutely EVERYONE was advised to avoid the river at all costs. Even our park with the refreshing walkway that is extremely high up and above the bridge even a good 5 stories was taped off with “Policie” caution tape. But, normal of human instinct, anytime someone suggests you stay away from something everyone flocks to the chaos to confirm the situation. It seemed to affect little of daily life in Prague (disregarding transportation of course), and I happily explored the castle grounds unknowingly of flooding. As for my picture taking, well it’s still a work in progress.


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