Wedding Bells and Tourists Smells


Generally when I think of wedding photos, I think of a simple background with the focus of the picture centered completely around the bride and groom. In Prague however, these people seem to want to incorporate everything including the tourists. Old Town Square is filled with unique and interesting things to see from weird (weirder than Austin, yes) street performers, the astronomical clock that at one point was considered to be one of the 7 wonders of the world, and many other interesting buildings and sculptures of different eras. This can only mean one thing, it’s an absolute hot spot for eager visitors.
Leading on to the next oddly have your photographer snap several pictures of you with your love at your side before your 30 minute parking spot uses up. These photos are no doubt capturing  all the romantic architecture as a attraction about Prague wedding photos: Why do you want all these people in your picture? It seems to be a typical bridal agenda to make your way into this ancient part of the city and quickOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

backdrop, but along with the beautiful backdrop comes all of the strangely dressed tourists and obnoxious photographers (like myself and my class) there to join your wedding photographs, whether it be taking our own or emerging in one of yours.  (especially at every half hour while all mostly Asian and older tour groups gawk awkwardly up at the 7 saints rotating out of the clock tower) How do you think these faces contribute to the story telling of your commitment and passion for one another? I fail to see how this specifically would be attractive, but I will say the pictures I did capture myself were rather gorgeous of the bride and her groom next to the dark cobblestone and medieval castle towers.

I suppose in a more objective manner, taking pictures in front of this tower is significant. If you look close enough you can tell that one tower is smaller than the other due to a lapse in time from when each was built (most likely growing building technologies and changes in measurements). It is often referred to as the Adam and the Eve tower because of this difference in sizing. This must have some importance in a wedding photo and symbolically portrays the hitching of your wagon to another (or in some sad cases a mule).


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