Ahoy, from Old Town Square! I’ve been spending a lot of time in this particular location in order to sharpen my photography skills and develop my confidence for “getting on top of people” to take pictures (quote by Dr. Darling, himself). I definitely can tell when looking at my peers photos and other photographers that getting as close as possible adds an entirely new dimension and much more depth to a photo than simply using a larger lens. Thus, all the activities  harbored in Old Town Square provides the perfect training ground to develop techniques for capturing the photo I need.

During the day time, Old Town Square is packed to say the least. Most of the same street performers flock there daily. The human statues, the dwarf dressed as an elf on a stool, and bubble performance? All of which demand your money to either participate in the activity or actually take a picture with them. Altogether it’s a ridiculous gimmick but great for capturing photos. I rather enjoyed photographing the bubbles. Kids found a great delight in chasing the bubbles and trying to make their own bigger than the previous child before. So, as they are eagerly distracted, I snapped away working to compile aperture, vantage point, rule of thirds, etc. to capture both the moment and the sense of location. It is definitely a work in progress, but I believe I’m getting the hang of it.

The contraption the lady used to make the bubbles (then let people who paid use it) is relatively simple. Some sort of special bubble soap, to sticks, and two ropes connecting and dangling from the end of each stick. It made some pretty weird but interesting bubble shapes. Also funny and notable, the woman would smoke a cigarette and chat with nearby friends while the kids used her bubble “wands”. Smoking is a prevalent (or at least more obvious) social norm here in Prague, but I’ll explore this more in another post.


One thought on “Bubbbbbblllles!

  1. Maddy:

    Once again a great post. I find the bubbles interesting and the fact that they are entertaining is universal. I have also noticed the fact that a lot more people smoke in Europe in general than here. To that extent we are ahead of them by leaps and bounds. The kids even smoke in France (I know some do here as well but not like France). Keep up the good work and enjoy your visit.

    Papaw Harley

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