God-y Gothic


Prague indeed harbors some amazing architecture. It is a city filled with previous cities and influenced it surrounding cities. One notable influence-ee is the town of Kutná Hora. Kutná Hora is the site of two cathedrals of impeccable marksmanship. The first in the style of early gothic and the second in late gothic. After Art Nouveau, gothic architecture is my favorite for two reasons: the aesthetics it creates, and the extensive advancement in technologies that are visible from the early period to the late period.


Gothic architecture embodied and promoted the idea of being closer to God. In order to express this through a structure, cathedrals were built as tall as possible. During the 1200s during early gothic all the way through the 1500s of late gothic styles, the materials changed little in terms of heaviness, however technologies and methods indeed improved.

In both churches, the buildings are larger at the bottom than the top and extremely thin, this was an attribute that came with the building style of gothic and was unavoidable in order to capture the tall, reaching-to-the-heavens like quality aimed for in this style.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

However as improvements in building technologies and methods were made such as the addition of flying buttresses to support the building or more aesthetic choices in windows such as rosettes and more extensive stained glass, the style of gothic became more elaborate and decorative.

Gothic architecture distorted the classical styles that previously and simultaneously gained popularity. It used thinner, taller, point-iershapes and distorted arches through ribbing and buttressing to create a more ominous look. My favorite part of gothic architecture is the use of rosettes and stained glass in the windows and spires distorted and sized down to decorate the stone buttressing. The collision of the patterns and colors that these elements make inside the church when light shines in the perfect manner create such an ironic and breath-taking visual. It is definitely inspiring. Though it is a Pre-modernist style entirely unassociated with Classical architecture, it indeed influenced its predecessor style Baroque by the time Gothic fully blossomed into what St. Barbara’s cathedral in Kutná Hora portrays.



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