Let’s Go Ride A Bike


There are plenty of things to do on an open weekend: go shopping, go to a park, get coffee with a friend; the list can go in any direction really. However, for my weekend off I opted to jump on a plane to Frankfurt to visit my German friend Lara. When I arrived in Frankfurt, we took the train to the downtown area containing the main shopping attractions (if you are familiar with Prague, it is the equivalent of the Palladium, except sprawled out like Wenceslas Square). Both the transportation method and choice to spend our Saturday morning is typical European ways.


In both Prague and Frankfurt I appreciate the effort to reduce driving and promote shopping even if it is just window shopping. It promotes health by forcing you to walk a bit more and inspires my creative side. However, there is one thing here in Frankfurt that I noticed to be quite different than in Prague. BIKES ARE EVERYWHERE, even more so than in Austin. I found this to be quite comforting. Perhaps in Prague biking is less common due to the massive amounts of people in the city, or perhaps it is simply a Saturday tradition here in Frankfurt to forget the hustle and bustle of the daily travel routine and pedal yourself around at your own pace for once. Whichever the case may be, the abundance of bikes and people riding bikes intrigued me.

Furthermore, the people riding were neither dressed in athletic attire nor hipster typical style common in Austin. They were regular people with regular styles unique to them and themselves alone. From beach cruisers to three speeds, the bike abundance in Frankfurt made the city seem more humane and less “European-esque” (a term I am using to describe my star struck state I often have towards foreigners, and/or foreign cities). Having a bike, seen similar to the one in Frankfurt, is an easy and cheap way to spend a weekend distressing and taking in what other excitements a city may have to offer.


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