It’s Not Just a Guessing Game

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPrague is filled with decorative facades and famous historic architecture. Many sites are obvious of their age and style such as the Gothic Cathedral of the Prague Castle.  But, many more structures throughout the city and surrounding the castle grounds gladly yell their age, you just have to learn their language.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

After explaining the three styles, and touring us around the Prague Castle grounds and its surrounding area, our guide Professor Krummholz had us play a game in which we identified the style, function, and then placed them on a time line. I especially enjoyed finally being able to exercise what I learned in my Modernism in Central Europe course I took this past fall semester. Moreover, several elements are unique to Bohemian architecture, such as sgraffito seen on Renaissance buildings (sgraffito is where a building’s stuccoeand was scraped into a design). Also typical to Bohemian architecture are vernacular forms imitating the Czech country homes when architects throughout time explored the Czech national style.


Overall, architecture is my passion. I love that you can read so much visually about a structure without having to read anything. Structures can say both so much and so little about a building. I particularly believe that form should follow function, but not be restricted to only that. Any one can see the history on the façade of any structure. It’s just a matter of training your eye.



One thought on “It’s Not Just a Guessing Game

  1. Maddy:

    The pictures, as usual, are fantastic. The writing excels as usual. So proud of you. Tell your German friend that the name Russ was originally “Von Rust” from you know where. One of the grandfathers changed it to Russ during the Civil War when he was too young to fight and ran away from home to join the Confederacy. Changed his name to Russ so the could not find him.

    Papaw Harley

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