Painting with the Colors of the Wind


An architectural tour yesterday morning and barely missing the rain, Monday again trended itself to the Prague weather pattern and rained its little heart out. However, at about 9pm it seems the sun had just about had it with not being in the spot light, and finally triumphantly took Prague back under control celebrating with a rainbow and a beautiful sunset.

Yesterday night was a mandatory film evening at our program headquarters. On our way there it was groggy and wet, but on our way back it was light and happy. To catch the metro back to the apartment (since the metros are finally working again, yay!), we walked at the top of Wenceslas Square. What a site this was! Since Wenceslas Square is on a slight slope, the view of the buildings lining either side of the street framed the sunset perfectly, while the thin remains of clouds provided an excellent canvas for the soothing colors. It was a nice omen to end the day, for today the sun was out all day and the temperature finally reached short weather.


A constant trend aside from tourists and straight-faced unfriendly Czech’s, is the locals odd sense of PDA. It’s absolutely uncanny how dull they can be, yet so mushy at the same time. Whatever floats their boat however, love was definitely (literally) in the air last night and a good motive for ‘caressing’ your loved one, holding their hand, and enjoying the delicate sun descending behind the buildings, slipping away into the night, leaving the lingering feeling of romance. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or none, the site is romantic enough to be appreciated. Beauty in my opinion is romantic. People need not a companion to understand simple beauty; like this sunset, it is a matter of rising to the occasion and letting the moment sink in before it disappears forever into the murky abyss of time and space.


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