A Pilgrimage for a Beautiful View


The following morning after experimenting with night shots and finally understanding how to work my camera strategically instead of simply ‘messing’ with aperture or shutter speeds to get the image I imagined, Shaina and I woke up at 6:30 am to hike an old Pilgrimage to the chapel  at the top of a hill in the residential area of Český Krumlov. One odd thing about the Czech Republic (well maybe it’s not so odd due to its positioning in relation to the equator) is that the sun begins to rise at around 4am. So, by the time we were on our way to hike the rocky hillside to an amazing view, everything was clear-as-day, because well, it was daytime.

The hike to chapel took about forty minutes from our hostel to the simple baroque chapel. The view at the top was delightful, and the nature on the way to the top was a worthy rival. Along the way, small alters decorated the path as guidance for the Pilgrimage done once a year by priests. I can imagine they were used for certain ceremonial gifts and breaking points at some point in time, but today they sit comfortably in their setting allowing the surrounding greenery to slowly move in to their spaces.

Once at the top, there is a magnificent view of Český Krumlov sitting snug next to the Vltava River. The town really reminded me of something out of a Halloween movie about witches where you see a panoramic overview of  an old Renaissance dominated town nestled in a valley with all sorts of shades of faded greens, vibrant yellows, oranges, and warm reds. But, Friday morning, all the colors were indications of summer and less of a visual dance, but equally beautiful. Also present were some sort of flower in the same family as a Blue Bonnet. So, naturally both Shaina and I paused to take a couple snap shots in the greenery. I must say, Shaina is a wonderful model! Me, on the other hand, not so much. Overall, it was a marvelous start to our last day in Český Krumlov and poetic ending for our stay in the beautiful village.


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