Beauty by the Water


Český Krumlov, a small town about four hours outside of Prague, packs a rather large visual punch in comparison to its size. It houses the second largest castle grounds in the Czech Republic and is filled with the three basic styles of architecture: gothic, renaissance, and baroque. Wednesday, Our Photography class began our escapade to Český Krumlov for a three-day and two night stay in the cute little village, and man, was it relaxing.  Here we were able to really focus in on our shooting skills;  there wasn’t too much going on, but enough tourists, significant structures, and beautiful landscapes to practice changing the cameras setting for just the right photo.

Of course my favorite part of this town was mostly the architecture and the castle garden.  There wasn’t much to do at night besides kicking back in a pub due to many of the tourist only passing through to see the castle on their way to who knows where. Regardless, the town of Cesky Krumlov had a remarkably relaxing vibe in the evening. It seemed to be a good weekend escape with de-stressing activities such as hiking, running on trails, and even rafting or canoeing.  Everyone in their own way finds different ways to relax. For me it’s and being outside; for a couple of girls on my trip it’s photographing; for some it may be reading in unique and beautiful place. Whatever it may be, It seems that the little town of Cesky Krumlov can provide relaxation to all.


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