Come Sail Away


In general, I find kids hilarious. Perhaps it may be because I feel like I am one, but mostly  it is their wild imaginations that can produce the most intricate and elaborate fictions that keep my curiosity alive (that’s why I like design, imagination is involved and it’s not considered childish).  When we were walking through the gardens in Paris, one place I immediately noticed that screamed make believe was the small ponds in a central location where people could rent and set sailboats afloat.

I silently giggled as I watched kids running in circles trying to catch their boats and fighting each other over who won the naval battle or race. It was enjoyable to watch these kids so animated and alive with imagination  and it made me wonder, at what point of growing up does it become unacceptable to express the fairy tales we make up in our minds? Puzzled, I began to ask myself where exactly I lost my imagination. Then I realized, I haven’t. Lucky for me it is still evident as ever (due to my 10 and 12 year old cousins believing I am their peer); it just so happens that instead of loosing my pretend games like “house” and “office”, I have evolved new ones because the old ones became reality. Keeping my imagination alive is a challenge worth taking. Just as the theme of my blog and best architect in Central Europe Adolf Loos said, “Be not afraid of being called unfashionable” because I’d rather set trends than follow one.


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