I Love Paris in the Summer Time!


Bon Jour, from Pari! Just before leaving for Český Krumlov, two of my classmates Caitlin and Victoria were discussing their travel plans for heading to Paris just after getting back from the class excursion this past week. After about ten minutes of their chatter, I was convinced on going and booked my plane ticket later that evening. Apprehensive at first due to having to depart for the airport at 4:30am, being tired from our previous travels, and well just plane nerves (see what I did there?)  I was quickly liberated of these worries when we walked out of the tunnel of the metro station where a view of the Notre Dome towering over the city stood. What was even more enchanting than the outside is that it was entirely FREE to go inside and walk around the church interior. I was mesmerized from that moment on.


The entire city of Paris is enchanting. When we arrived at about 8am until about 8pm when we checked into our hostel, we were able to see the Notre Dame, Sainte Chapel (well, Victoria went inside), the Pantheon (different one than in Rome, but inspired by same one in Rome), the Luxemburg Palace gardens, ordered macaroons from the famous macaroon place, and saw the exterior of the Louvre. It was indeed an amazing experience dashing from one famous site to the next. While we were in the gardens, Victoria even read us the section from Les Miserables that mentions the exact spot where we stood. How French.

That evening we then did the typical tourist thing and journeyed to the Eiffel Tower. It is surprising for me to say this, but I understand now why Paris is so often romantically fantasized and marketed. The Eiffel Tower at night is so beautiful; there are just no other words to describe how enchanting it was. I wanted to sit and watch it all night.

Paris is definitely a city of the arts. Gothic, Classical, and Neoclassical buildings all interact with the modern structures that erected more recently. There is sculpture and gardens every time you turn a corner pretty much, and the amount of embellishments and decorations on the buildings is almost ridiculous, but somehow tasteful.  The French and Paris itself both live up to its ideology often publicized. Well, at least what I was able to see in a day does.


One thought on “I Love Paris in the Summer Time!

  1. Maddy:

    I am glad you are enjoying Paris. It is quite a place and I enjoyed it as well. However, I like Italy better and think you will too. Enjoy. I really do like getting your posts.

    Papaw Harley

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