Tourist Status


Prague is divided into 10 different districts for addressing and other miscellaneous city research aspects. Luckily for me, the apartment building where I’m living is in Prague 7 while all the main attractions of the city reside in Prague 1 (this includes Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, and the St. Charles Bridge). In Prague 1, there is a constant stream of travelers from all over the world both young and old.  At times, it can be frustrating trying to navigate through the sea of people.  I understand why Czech’s so often become annoyed with all these tourists demanding this or that immediately. But, on a more positive note, tourists are fun to watch and good to photograph. In other words, they’re great practice for me, and it’s turned in to a kind of thrill trying to get as close as possible to snap a picture and then scurry off while simultaneously trying to see or hear their reaction.


Yesterday wasn’t entirely ideal for photographing due to the burning hot sun, but it did encourage an exciting array of outfits.  Different hats, shirtless teens, Japanese umbrellas, it was rather comical seeing the different ways people tried to avoid the heat, some fashionable others typically tacky of tourists. A camera guy for what seemed to be a travel documentary or a feature on the Lennon wall sported a sweat band that made him look rather Jackie Chan-esque. Whatever gets you by I suppose? After seeing all the unusual assortments of style, it makes me wonder, what do I look like as a tourist?  Lately, locals have mistakenly responded in Czech to my, “Dobrý den”. Does this mean I’m finally fitting in? How long exactly does it take to strip yourself of a tourists status? More time will be needed for investigation on this matter.


2 thoughts on “Tourist Status

  1. Time to come do some research at Frontera!!! Love you and I just knew the locals would start warming up to your global style!

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