An Ending Just Like the Beginning


When I arrived in Prague on May 26th it was cold and rainy. Prague captured and mesmerized me immediately. I find it hard to imagine that tomorrow my time her in this wonderful city accumulates to a little over month and marks the end of my stay. Currently, the weather is extremely similar to when I walked the streets for the first time: rainy, cold, and slightly gloomy. However, I feel quite the contrary to what the weather is casting. This course is invaluable to both my academia skills and personally. In May, good photography to me was the common iPhone photo altered by an instagram filter.  June, on the other hand, I understand the process of a photo better. I may still be growing as a photographer finding a perfect shot every once in a blue moon, but it’s an art I’ve enjoyed learning, and I already see the value it holds for my career and future as a designer.

On the personal level, well traveling is an opportunity I will constantly be in search of. As my first time abroad I held a certain level of expectation, and I must say this trip has exceeded by far my expectations. I am a more confident person and inspired by everything here. Culture thrives everywhere and everywhere I’m finding impactful places and people. This trip is only the beginning of my travels in my life, however it is the ending of an experience unique and wonderful. I suppose I could call it my training session in a way, and because lack of better words myself, I will “keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because I’m curious…and curiosity keeps leading new down new paths” (Walt Disney). Ahoy!


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